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Fig. 7

From: Anti-diabetic potential of Sapium ellipticum (Hochst) Pax leaf extract in Streptozotocin(STZ)-induced diabetic Wistar rats

Fig. 7

Effects of SE extract on the histological architecture of the pancreas. NCR: Normal control rat showing normal pancreatic architecture with intact exocrine tissue and islet cells surrounded by delicate capsule. DCR: Diabetic control rat with exocrine tissue showing massive degeneration and endocrine tissue exhibiting hyperplasia reminiscent of hypoglycaemia. D4SER: Diabetic rat treated with 400 mg of SE per kg BW (p.o) showing mild atrophy of the pancreatic cell compared to DCR. D8SER: Diabetic rat treated with 800 mg of SE per kg BW (p.o) showing pancreatic cells regeneration to near normal. DMETR: Diabetic rats treated with 12 mg of Metformin per kg BW (p.o) showing pancreatic histology similar to that of control animal but dented with mild pancreatic cells congestion or occlusion

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