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Table 1 Sources of food-based commercial test products evaluated against pathogenic trichomonads

From: Phytochemical-rich foods inhibit the growth of pathogenic trichomonads



60% Catechin green tea extract

60% Catechins; Sigma (St. Louis, MO, USA) #P1204

80% Catechin green tea extract

98% Polyphenols:80% total catechins:50% EGCg; Swanson # NWF240

Low-theaflavin black tea extract

≥20% Theaflavins; Swanson #SWH218

High-theaflavin black tea extract

>80% Theaflavins; Sigma #T5550

Pomegranate fruit extract

~30% Punicalagins; Swanson #LE107

Pomegranate seed

70% Ellagic acid; Swanson #NEC009

Jujube fruit

Swanson #SW1166

Jujube seed

2% Triterpene saponins; Swanson #SWH092

Red wine grape extract

MegaNatural® Red Wine Grape Extract with Resveratrol:total phenolics 60%, anthocyanins 8%, trans-resveratrol 5%

Grape seed extract

90% Polyphenols; Swanson #SWH032