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Fig. 2 | BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Fig. 2

From: Gypenosides ameliorate memory deficits in MPTP-lesioned mouse model of Parkinson’s disease treated with L-DOPA

Fig. 2

Representative photographs illustrating the effects of GPS on TH immunohistochemistry (a) and the number of TH-immunopositive cells (b) in the substantia nigra. The immunohistochemical staining analysis was performed as described in the Methods section, and images were visualized using a light microscope (100 x magnification; scale bar, 100 μm) (a). TH-immunopositive cells were analyzed as a percentage of the number of cells on the intact side. The number of TH-immunopositive cells in the control group was 69 ± 7 cells per section (b). * p < 0.05 compared with the control group. For further details, see Fig. 1

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