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Fig. 1

From: Polarity based characterization of biologically active extracts of Ajuga bracteosa Wall. ex Benth. and RP-HPLC analysis

Fig. 1

Percent extract recovery of A. bracteosa using mono and binary (1:1) solvents for extraction. Nh: n-hexane, Nh-Ea: n-hexane-ethyl acetate, Nh-E: n-hexane-ethanol, C: chloroform, Ea: ethyl acetate, C-M: chloroform-methanol, Ea-M: ethyl acetate-methanol, A: acetone, M: methanol, A-M: acetone- methanol, A-E: acetone-ethanol, E: ethanol, A-Dw: acetone-distilled water, M-Dw: methanol-distilled water, Dw: distilled water

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