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Table 6 Functional groups identified by FTIR spectroscopy in B.orthobotrys n-butanol fraction

From: Anti-arthritic activity of aqueous-methanolic extract and various fractions of Berberis orthobotrys Bien ex Aitch

Peak Bond Functional group
3354.21 cm−1 - 3334.92 cm−1 OH Stretching vibrations Phenols
2956.87 cm−1 – 2872.01 cm−1 CH Stretching vibrations alkanes Alkanes
1722.43 cm−1 C = 0 carboxylic acid stretching vibrations Carboxylic acids
1459.76 cm−1 CH3 bending vibrations Methyl
1384.89 cm−1 – 1367.53 cm−1 C-O Stretching vibrations Carbonyls
1037.7 cm−1 C-F stretching vibrations Carbon fluorine