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Table 1 Composition of normal and high carbohydrate high fat diet used in this study (for 100 g)

From: Supplementation of Syzygium cumini seed powder prevented obesity, glucose intolerance, hyperlipidemia and oxidative stress in high carbohydrate high fat diet induced obese rats

Ingredients of normal lab diet Percent Ingredients of HCHF diet Percent
Wheat 40% Powdered normal rat feed 15.5%
Wheat bran 20% Sugar 17.5%
Rice Polishing 5.5% Beef tallow (fat) 20.0%
Fish meal 10.0% Condensed milk 39.5%
Oil cake 6.0% Vit-B complex 0.1%
Gram 0.39% Salt 0.5%
Pulses 0.39% Water 100 ml
Milk 0.38%   
Soybean Oil 1.5%   
Molasses 0.095%   
Salt 0.095%   
Embavit (vitamin) 0.1%