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Fig. 2 | BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Fig. 2

From: Cytotoxicity of the methanol extracts of Elephantopus mollis, Kalanchoe crenata and 4 other Cameroonian medicinal plants towards human carcinoma cells

Fig. 2

Effects of Elephantopus mollis whole plant (EMW) and Kalanchoe crenata leaves (KCL) extracts and doxorubicin on MMP in MCF-7 cells for 72 h. Cells were treated with ¼ × IC50 (C1), ½ × IC50 (C2) and IC50 (C3) of each compound. IC50 values were 3.97 μg/mL (EMW), 19.31 μg/mL (KCL) and 0.32 μg/mL (doxorubicin)

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