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Table 2 Phytochemical screening of the aqueous extract of A. remota

From: Antidiabetic activity and phytochemical screening of extracts of the leaves of Ajuga remota Benth on alloxan-induced diabetic mice

Tests Reagents Inferences
Alkaloids Dragendorff’s
Anthraquinones Test for free anthraquinones
Test for o-anthraquinone glycosides
Flavonoids 10% Lead acetate +
Sodium hydroxide +
Ethyl acetate +
Phenolic compounds Ferric chloride and potassium ferrocyanide +
Saponins Froth test +
Steroidal compounds Acetic anhydride and conc. Sulfuric acid +
Chloroform and conc. Sulfuric acid +
Tannins Ferric chloride +
Aqueous hydrochloric acid +
Formaldehyde +
Modified iron complex +
  1. Positive and negative symbol indicates the presence and absence of plant constituents, respectively.