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Table 1 IC50 values of T. peruviana fruit extract on prostate, lung, colorectal and breast cancer cell lines

From: Anticancer potential of Thevetia peruviana fruit methanolic extract

IC50 (μg/mL) ± SEM
Cancer cell lines Normal cell lines
Prostate Breast Colorectal Lung Vero Fibroblast
1.91 ± 0.76a 5.78 ± 2.12a 6.30 ± 4.45a 12.04 ± 3.43a 57.02 ± 14.8b 1578 ± 301c
  1. Human cancer cell lines were treated with different concentrations of T. peruviana fruit extract in 96-well microcultured plates for 24 h. IC50 values are expressed as mean ± standard error of mean (S.E.M) of quintuplicate determinations. Different letters represent statistically significant differences determined by one way ANOVA (ρ < 0.05), followed by Tukey’s multiple comparison test