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Fig. 4

From: Anticancer potential of Thevetia peruviana fruit methanolic extract

Fig. 4

Classification of normal and cancer cell lines exposed to T. peruviana fruit methanolic extract according to independent component analysis (ICA). The distribution of the cell lines (panel A, projections with 95% confidence ellipses) and variables (panel B, projection of variable loadings, with maximum loading indicated by a circle) is shown in the space spanned by the two leading independent components. The clear unsupervised discrimination among the six cell lines reflects the greater effect of T. peruviana extract on tumor cell lines (lung cells, L, , prostate cells, P, ■, breast cells, B, ♦, colorectal cells, C, ▲), while normal cells are less affected (fibroblast cells, Fb, □, Vero cells, V, ). The independent component 1 is clearly separating cancer cells from normal cells, mainly due to the effect of the extract on the motility (WH) and membrane permeability (MP), while the independent component 2 is separating samples mainly by the IC50 value observed for each cell line

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