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Table 1 Reasons for consulting traditional healers

From: The role of traditional healers in the diagnosis and management of Burkitt lymphoma in Cameroon: understanding the challenges and moving forward

Previous visits to a clinic/hospital did not help 51a 24%
Family belief and preference for Traditional Medicine (TM) 51 24%
Advice from neighbours or family 31 15%
Thought it was witch craft 19 9%
Had no money 13 6%
Unknown to respondent 9 4%
Thought it was a strange(bad) disease that only a traditional healer (TH) can treat 7 3%
Was the nearest source of pain relief for the child 7 3%
Knows that a TH is good at treating side pain 5 2%
Knowledge that ‘boh’ is usually treated by a TH 3 1%
Knows that a TH is good at treating boil/abscess 2 1%
Knows a TH is good at spleen problems 2 1%
Thought liver problems cannot be treated in the hospital 1 <1%
The TH saw child and offered to help 1 <1%
The TH is renowned for fracture treatment 1 <1%
  1. asurgery in two cases