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Table 2 An analysis example of meaning units, Condensed meaning units, Codes and sub-category according to Graneheim and Lundman [18]

From: Subjective perceived impact of Tai Chi training on physical and mental health among community older adults at risk for ischemic stroke: a qualitative study

Meaning units Condensed meaning units Codes Sub-category
‘My appetite had slowly become better since I practiced Tai Chi…In the past years, I always fell lack appetite’. My appetite became bettre than before. Improving appetite Enhancing digestion
‘It seemed hemorrhoids would be better. ... Previously, I felt painful for defecation when the weather was dry, ... My anus was uncomfortable. It was better after practicing Tai Chi this year’. I felt easier for defecation. Promoting defecation
‘I used to have flatulence after meal. …..However, it’s much better now’. Less flatulence after meal Relieving flatulence