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Table 1 Overview of review selection criteria

From: Barriers to the conduct and application of research in complementary and alternative medicine: a systematic review

Construct Justification
Population Inclusion criteria:
 - CAM researchers with or without CAM background
 - CAM practitioners/clinicians
Exclusion criteria:
 - CAM users/non users
 - CAM products
Interest Inclusion criteria:
 - Research that looks at the barriers to the conduct or application of research in CAM
 - Opinion publications with a reference list
 - Studies or publications on EBP in CAM
Exclusion criteria:
 - Primary or secondary research that investigates the effectiveness or efficacy of CAM
 - Economic evaluations of CAM
 - Opinion articles without adequate references
 - Promotional materials
 - Methodological studies
Context Inclusion criteria:
 - Research (conduct or application of)
Exclusion criteria:
 - Publications reporting the prevalence of CAM use
 - Publications describing CAM
  1. CAM Complementary and alternative medicine, EBP Evidence-based practice