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Table 2 Mercury analyzer operating conditions

From: Monitoring heavy metals, residual agricultural chemicals and sulfites in traditional herbal decoctions

Parameter Condition
Mode selector Standard: 1, Sample : 2
Heating mode Two available modes
Gas washing bottle Buffer: H2O = 1:1(v/v)
Flow meter 0.5 L/min
Sample heating furnace H1 Mode 1 : 600 °C(2 min), Mode 2 : 800 °C(4 min)
Decomposing furnace H2 Heated at 850 °C
Mercury collector H3 About Heated at 700 °C
Carrier gas Purified dry air
Additive Standard: unnecessary, Sample: B + S + B + Ma
  1. aM: Sodium carbonate anhydrous: Calcium hydroxide = 1: 1 (v/v); B: Aluminum oxide anhydrous; S: Sample