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Table 1 ICP-MS operating conditions and data acquisition parameters

From: Monitoring heavy metals, residual agricultural chemicals and sulfites in traditional herbal decoctions

Operation condition
 Nebuliser Quartz concentric (Micromist) 400 μL/min
 Spray chamber Scott-type double-pass water cooled
 Cell geometry Octopole
 Sampling cone Nickel, 1.0 mm orifice
 Skimmer cone Nickel, 0.4 mm orifice
 RF power 1400–1500 W
 Reflected power <10 W
He mode (collision cell mode)
 Plasma gas flow 15 L/min
 Nebuliser gas flow 0.95–1.00 L/min
 Auxiliary gas flow 0.99 L/min
 He gas flow 3.5 mL/min
 Expansion stage 2.0 mbar
 Intermediate stage 2.0 × 10−4-3.0 × 10−4mbar
 Analyzer stage 1.0 × 10−4-2.0 × 10−4mbar
 Octopole bias −18 V
 Quadrupole bias −16 V
Acquisition parameters
 Mass range 2-260a.m.u
 Number of channels 500
 Dwell time 300 ms
 Number of sweeps 500
 Total acquisition time 14.6400 s