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Table 2 Supplement or alternative medicine therapy and frequency of use (N = 43)

From: Patient needs and preferences for herb-drug-disease interaction alerts: a structured interview study

Percent use  
72.1% Vitamin or mineral supplements other than multivitamins (Vitamin C, Niacin, Vitamin D, etc.)
53.5% Multivitamin
23.3% Fish oil or omega-3
14.0% Probiotics
14.0% Over-the-counter medications (Aspirin, Tylenol, etc.)
11.6% Glucosamine or chondroitin sulfate
9.3% Tea
7.0% CoQ10
7.0% Flax seed
60.5% Other supplements or alternative medicine therapies (wellness formula from health food store, vegi protein powder, laxative, etc.)