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Fig. 2

From: Use of ethanol extracts of Terminalia chebula to prevent periodontal disease induced by dental plaque bacteria

Fig. 2

Effect of the EETC on DPB-induced PGE2 and COX-2. a The effect of DPB on PGE2 levels in various cell types. Data are expressed as mean ± SE of three independent experiments. *P < 0.01 vs. bacteria-free control medium from each cell line. b The effect of LPS extracted from DPBs (DPB#1-LPS, DPB#2-LPS, and DPB#3-LPS) on PGE2 levels. PBS was used for control. *P < 0.01, # P < 0.001 vs. PBS control medium from each cell line. c The effect of DPBs-LPS on COX-2 expression. mRNA expression were detected by RT-PCR. The inhibitory effects of EETC on PGE2 (d) and COX-2 (e) levels in DPB-LPS-treated cells. DMSO was used for control. Data represent the mean ± SE of three independent experiments performed by triplicate. # P < 0.001 vs. DMSO control (Ctl) medium, *P < 0.01 vs. DPB#1 or DPB#1-LPS medium. f The effect of EETC on the cell viability

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