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Table 2 Contextual information about T&CM

From: An interpretive review of consensus statements on clinical guideline development and their application in the field of traditional and complementary medicine

1. T&CM often has different regulation than biomedicine because the interventions are considered relatively safe and/or there is a historical precedence of use spanning hundreds, if not thousands of years [29].
2. Clinical guidelines are often uninformative regarding the use of T&CM; and are lacking in transparency and consistency [1416].
3. In instances of insufficient scientific evidence, information about clinical indications and safety; patient demand and preferences; or equity and costs may still be available [29].
4. The outcomes that users seek from T&CM do not always align with the outcomes evaluated in clinical trials [30].
5. The ongoing demand for T&CM suggests that factors other than scientific evidence are important and influence the decision making process of patients and practitioners [31].