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Fig. 1

From: Maternal intake of dietary virgin coconut oil modifies essential fatty acids and causes low body weight and spiky fur in mice

Fig. 1

The study design and flowchart of experimental groups. Comparison between dietary groups. All pups in various experimental groups were delivered concurrently. For a duration of 1 month, grouped females were fed with standard (STD), virgin olive oil (OO) diet or virgin coconut oil (CO) diet. Completions of the absorption of the oil by the pellets were indicated by the change in the colour of soaked pellets with oil. At 3 weeks of age, the “spiky fur” phenotype developed in pups fed with coconut oil. Both control treatment, STD and OO showed no obvious differences in phenotype under the same growth condition. At the mature age of 6 weeks; the weight of CO pups is ominously reduced

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