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Table 3 Antimycobacterial activity test of Pterolobium stellatum chloroform extract against MDR-TB clinical isolates

From: Evaluation of the antimycobacterial activity of crude extracts and solvent fractions of selected Ethiopian medicinal plants

  MDR-TB clinical isolates’ suspension color
Plant extracts and controls Concentration (mg/ml or %) AOA8W-4 AOZ8W-4 SO38SW-4
P. stellatum CHCl3 extract 2.500 blue blue blue
1.250 blue blue blue
0.625 blue blue blue
0.312 blue blue blue
0.156 blue blue blue
0.078 pink blue pink
0.039 pink pink pink
0.019 pink pink pink
0.009 pink pink pink
0.005 pink pink pink
0.0024 pink pink pink
DMSO control 2.5–0.0024% Pink Pink Pink
Isoniazid 1 ×10−3 Pink Pink Pink
0.5 ×10−3 Pink Pink Pink
0.25 ×10−3 Pink Pink Pink
0.125 ×10−3 Pink Pink Pink
0.06 ×10−3 Pink Pink Pink
0.03 ×10−3 Pink Pink Pink
Growth control - Pink Pink Pink
Sterility control - blue blue blue
  1. Experiments were carried out in triplicate and results are expressed as means of three replicate experiments. - = Not applicable