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Table 4 Antiviral activity of R. lanata methanolic extract against HRhV 1A and RSV A2

From: In vitro screening for antiviral activity of Turkish plants revealing methanolic extract of Rindera lanata var. lanata active against human rotavirus

Virus EC50 a (μg/ml) – 95% C.I.b CC50 c(μg/ml) SId
HRhV 1A n.a. 804.3 n.a.
RSV A2 45.28 (30.20–67.88) 183.9 4.1
  1. aEC50 half maximal effective concentration
  2. bC.I. confidence interval
  3. cCC50 half maximal cytotoxic concentration
  4. dSI selectivity index
  5. n.a. not assessable