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Table 6 Suggestions for improving pharmaceutical service at community pharmacy (N = 280)

From: Community pharmacists’ perceptions about pharmaceutical service of over-the-counter traditional Chinese medicine: a survey study in Harbin of China

Improvement suggestions n(%)
Formulating or refining legislation to clarify the legal and professional role of pharmacists with respect to TCM 170(60.7)
Strengthening training of pharmacists with respect to TCM 162(57.9)
Promoting public awareness of the pharmacist’s role 150(53.6)
Expanding the access to the information of evidence-based TCM 149(53.2)
Formulating or refining the standards of pharmacists’ practice with respect to TCM 140(50.0)
Providing enough professionals to ensure the quality of TCM pharmaceutical service 108(38.6)
Providing reasonable reimbursement to pharmacists 54(19.3)