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Table 6 Minimum inhibitory concentration (mg/ml), values of the butanol and hexane sub-fractions of A. dimidiata (AD) against MDR field strain and H37Rv strain of M. tuberculosis

From: Anti-mycobacteria potential and synergistic effects of combined crude extracts of selected medicinal plants used by Bapedi traditional healers to treat tuberculosis related symptoms in Limpopo Province, South Africa

Fraction/control MDR field strain H37RV (ATCC)
AD Butanol 0.47 0.31
AD Hexane 0.47 0.31
Isoniazid (INH) >2.5 <0.02
Rifampicin >2.5 <0.08
Streptomycin >2.5 <0.02
Acetone >2.5 >2.5