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Table 1 Fractionation of fermented blueberry extract (F1). The major component (s) in each fraction (F) are indicated

From: Fermented blueberry juice extract and its specific fractions have an anti-adipogenic effect in 3 T3-L1 cells

Fraction Major component (s) Starting material Column resin Eluant
Sugars, organic acids, growth media, phenolics    
F2 phenolics F1 C18 EtOH
F3-1 Gallic acid, catechol, protocatechuic acid F2 C18 12% EtOH
F3-2 Chlorogenic acid F2 C18 12% EtOH
F3-3 Flavonoids F2 C18 80% EtOH
F4-1 Anthocyanins F3-3 LH20 25% EtOH
F4-2 Heteropolymers F3-3 LH20 50% EtOH
F4-3 Proanthocyanidins F3-3 LH20 70% EtOH