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Table 2 The data of top five interaction networks of global targets

From: Analysis of molecular networks and targets mining of Chinese herbal medicines on anti-aging

Targets in network Score Top related Bio Functions and Diseases
ALB, APOB, ATF2, AUH, BCL2, CD40LG, CREB1, CUTA, DDIT3, ELANE, IL6, and other 62 targets 38 Cell Death and Survial, Cardiovascular Disease, Gene Expression
ALOX5, CAV1, CCND1, CDK2, CDK4, CRYZ, CTNNB1, EDN1, EGR1, ESR2, FGF2, and other 47 targets 27 Cancer, Organismal Injury and Abnormalities, Cellular Development
CSD2, DBI, DUOX2, F3, HMOX1, ICAM1, IL4, IL10, IL13, MAOA, MIOX, NOS2, and other 39 targets 26 Free Radical Scavenging, Cell to Cell Signaling and Interaction, Cardiovascular Disease
APP, AR, CASO3, CDKN1A, CXCL8, EGF, FASLG, FN1, HIF1A, IL2, ITGAM, MAPK1, and other 86 targets 25 Gene Expression, Cell Death and Survial, Cancer
ACTA2, ATPC1, BTK, CAPN1, CCL20, CTSB, IL1A, ITGAL, ITGB1, KCNMA1, TP53, and other 106 targets 22 Cellular Growth and Proliferation, Connective Tissue Development