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Table 1 Some collected sample data of herbal medicines

From: Analysis of molecular networks and targets mining of Chinese herbal medicines on anti-aging

Herbal names (Latin) Hepatorenal toxicity Effect Molecular ingredients (CAS number) Targets
Ba ji tian (Radix Morindae officinalis) None tonifying kidney-Yang Aascorbic acid (CAS:1972-08-3) PTGER3, TGFA, VEGFA, FTMT, SLC11A2, and other 42 targets
Ci wu jia (Radix seu Caulis et Folium Acanthopana) None tonifying kidney-Yang Sesamin (CAS:607-80-7) NOS3, NOX1, UGT1A1, CYP2B6, CCND1, and other 12 targets
Du zhong (Cortex Eucommiae) None tonifying kidney-Yang Aucubin (CAS:479-98-1) BCL2, BAX, TNF, IL6, RELA, NFKBIA, and other 27 targets
Bu gu zhi (Fructus Psoraleae) long-term risks of causing kidney disease tonifying kidney-Yang Angelicin (CAS:523-50-2) CYP1A1, ESR1, ESR2, ESTRB, NR3A2, and other 27 targets
Di huang (Radix Rehmanniae) None tonifying kidney-Yin Catalpol (CAS:2415-24-9) NOS2, SOD1, CASP3, BCL2, ICAM1, and other 14 targets
Nv zhen (Radix Ligustri lucidi) None tonifying kidney-Yin Ursolic acid (CAS:77-52-1) JUN, PTGS2, ACHE, MMP9, RELA, and other 39 targets
Sang shen (Fructus Mori) None tonifying kidney-Yin Morin (CAS:480-16-0) XDH, PIP4K2A, ALOX5, CD36, BATF3, and other 58 targets
Gou qi zi (Fructus Lycii) None tonifying kidney-Yin Beta-carotene (CAS:7235-40-7) CYP3A4, Cyp2b1, CYP1A2, HMOX1, ALB, and other 77 targets