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Table 2 Reactivities of various cancer cell lines after treatment with synthetic musk ketone

From: Native musk and synthetic musk ketone strongly induced the growth repression and the apoptosis of cancer cells

Cell lines Reactivitiesa
Lung squamous cell carcinoma
 Eplc-32M1 ++++
Lung adenocarcinoma
 XL-JT ++++
 XLA-07 ++++
Esophageal carcinoma
 TE-1 ++++
Gastric carcinoma
 HSC ++++
Mammary carcinoma
 MDA-MB-435 ++++
  1. aReactivities mean inhibition rates of the cellular proliferation after the treatment
  2. The inhibition rates: +, 10–20%; ++, 20–40%; +++, 40–60%; ++++, 60–80%
  3. The concentration of synthetic musk ketone: 0.5 mg/ml