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Fig. 6

From: Cat’s whiskers (Orthosiphon stamineus) tea modulates arthritis pathogenesis via the angiogenesis and inflammatory cascade

Fig. 6

a & b FMT tomographic imaging or rat paws to assess arthritis disease severity using ProSense fluorescent imaging agent. (1 & 6) Tomographic images of normal control without FCA treatment. (2) The fluorescent signal of the negative control is represented as a maximum intensity projection. (3) Result for the group treated with the low concentration (200 mg/kg) of EOS. (4) Results for the group treated with the high concentration (400 mg/kg) of EOS. (5) Result for the group treated with the positive control, diclofenac sodium (5 mg/kg). c Quantifications of paw fluorescence for each of the two EOS doses and the positive and negative controls. The data is presented of 2 replicates each

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