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Table 2 Details of programmes using TKM for smoking cessation

From: Smoking cessation programmes using traditional medicine in Korea

Interventions Program PHC-SCP MOGEF-SCP NHIS-SCP
Korean medicine Ear acupuncture Needle type Intradermal needle Intradermal needle Intradermal needle
Acupoints Lung, Shinmun, Endocrine, Pharynx & Larynx and Inner nose Lung, Shinmun, Endocrine, Pharynx & Larynx and Inner nose Lung, Shinmun, Endocrine, Pharynx & Larynx and Inner nose
Duration 3–4 h 3–4 h 3–4 h
Manual acupuncture Needle type NA NA Basic needle
Acupoints NA NA HT7, ST36,
LI4, LU7, LU6
Duration NA NA 15–20 min
Herbal medicine NA Non-smoking pill
· Anxiety: Modified Xiaoyao Powder
· Cough: Shensuyin
· Phlegm: Banxia-Houpo-tang or Erchen-tang
Adjuvant therapy NRTs ·Nicotine patch
·Nicotine gum
NA · Nicotine patch
· Nicotine gum
Other tools Non-smoking doll
(showing harms of cigarettes)
Self-writing handbook NA
Consultation Consultant Health care provider TKM doctor TKM doctor
Type 5A type counsellinga 5A type counselling
(Dependent on doctor)
5A type counselling (Dependent on doctor)
Duration 10–15 min 5–10 min 5–10 min
Education program ·Watching a video on harms of smoking
·Smoking detox experiment (goldfish experiment with cigarettes)
Watching a video on harms of smoking NA
Basic information Medical cost Patient
cost sharing
Free Free 20%
Government supports 100% support 100% support 80% support
Treatment period Dependent on each PHC
(Typically 4 weeks)
3 weeks 8 or 12 weeks
(Dependent on patient’s choice)
Treatment frequency Dependent on each PHC
(Typically twice a week)
Twice a week Dependent on each clinic
Primary outcome Exhaled CO Self-reported cessation success rate Self-reported cessation success rate
Characteristics Utilises a variety of methods for cessation Mainly acupuncture and additional education Similar to the course of treatment in TKM clinics
  1. a5A type counselling: 5A means ‘Ask’, ‘Assess’, ‘Advise’, ‘Assist’, and ‘Arrange’
  2. PHC-SCP Public health centre smoking cessation program, MOGEF-SCP Ministry of Gender Equality & Family smoking cessation program, NHIS-SCP National Health Insurance Service smoking cessation treatment project, TKM Traditional Korean Medicine, NA not applicable, NRT Nicotine Replacement Treatment