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Table 1 Summary on TKM smoking cessation programmes in South Korea

From: Smoking cessation programmes using traditional medicine in Korea

TKM smoking
cessation programme
Targeted population Teenagers, Adults Teenagers Anyone
Related agency PHC, MW MOGEF, MW NHIS, MW
Start year 2001 2003 2015
Subtype NA Designation clinic system Designation doctor system NA
Conducting site PHCs, Schools, Companies TKM clinics Schools TKM clinics
Medical cost No medical cost for the patients No medical cost for the patients Supports 80% of medical costs
(not including TKM treatments)
Budget (per year) NR USD 50,000a USD 87,000,000a
Number of participating institutions 9 PHCs (2001)
→137 PHCs (2003)
→35 PHCs (2007)
→34 PHCs (2013)
908 TKM clinics
(in 2014)
84 TKM doctors
(in 2014)
1,270 TKM clinics
(in March 2016)
Number of participants 238,951
Evaluation index Satisfaction,
Cessation success rate
Cessation success rate Cessation success rate
Characteristics Oldest PHC-based programme typically integrated Free programme for teenagers
(a vulnerable group)
Clinic-based programme supported by the health insurance project fund
  1. a USD United States dollar. It was based on the annual average exchange rate in 2015 from the Korea Exchange Bank
  2. PHC-SCP Public health centre smoking cessation program, MOGEF-SCP Ministry of Gender Equality & Family smoking cessation program, NHIS-SCP National Health Insurance Service smoking cessation treatment project, TKM Tradition Korean Medicine, MW Ministry of Health & Welfare, NHIS National Health Insurance Service, PHC Public Health Centre, MOGEF Ministry of Gender Equality & Family, NA not applicable, NR not reported