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Table 8 Metacore process map for the 89 genes that were differentially expressed between Ph-positive and Ph-negative patients with allergic rhinitis following acupoint herbal paste treatment

From: Treatment of allergic rhinitis with acupoint herbal plaster: an oligonucleotide chip analysis

Process map of down-regulated genes in Ph(+)
Maps P value Filter Genesa Map genesb
DNA damage_NHEJ mechanisms of DSBs repair 1.4E-02 1 (LIG4) 19
Neurophysiological process_Bitter taste signaling 2.0E-02 1 (TAS2R14) 28
Apoptosis and survival_Granzyme A signaling 2.1E-02 1 (LIG4) 30
Cell cycle_Role of Nek in cell cycle regulation 2.3E-02 1 (NEK9) 32
Development_Role of Activin A in cell differentiation and proliferation 2.9E-02 1 (NANOG) 40
Immune response_IL-13 signaling via JAK-STAT 3.1E-02 1 (MMP8) 44
Process map of up-regulated genes in Ph(+)
Maps P value Filter Genesa Map genesb
Inflammation_Interferon signaling 1.1E-02 3 (IFI6,IFI27, MX1) 110
Autophagy_Autophagy 2.3E-02 2 (PIK3C3,ATG5) 55
Cell cycle_S phase 2.6E-02 2 (HSP90AA1, CCNA2) 149
  1. aNumber of filter genes in the map
  2. bNumber of genes in the map