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Table 6 Pooling strategy for RNA samples. The first number in each cell indicates the group type, and the second indicates the time point (T0–T5 correspond to 1–6, respectively). A total of 42 chips were used. M, microarray chip

From: Treatment of allergic rhinitis with acupoint herbal plaster: an oligonucleotide chip analysis

  Before 1st herbal plaster (hp) (T0) After 1st hp 24 h (T1) Before 3rdhp (T2) After 3rd hp 24 h (T3) Before 4thhp (T4) After 4th hp 24 h (T5)
Ph(+) M1-1 M1-2 M1-3 M1-4 M1-5 M1-6
Ph(+) M2-1 M2-2 M2-3 M2-4 M2-5 M2-6
Ph(+) M3-1 M3-2 M3-3 M3-4 M3-5 M3-6
Ph(+) M4-1 M4-2 M4-3 M4-4 M4-5 M4-6
Ph(+) M5-1 M5-2 M5-3 M5-4 M5-5 M5-6
Ph(+) M6-1 M6-2 M6-3 M6-4 M6-5 M6-6
Ph(−) M7-1 M7-2 M7-3 M7-4 M7-5 M7-6