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Table 4 Details of the significantly enriched GO terms

From: Identification of more objective biomarkers for Blood-Stasis syndrome diagnosis

Term P-Value
transcription 0.000087
regulation of transcription 0.00011
protein kinase cascade 0.00038
immune response 0.0027
protein amino acid phosphorylation 0.0032
negative regulation of apoptosis 0.0036
MAPKKK cascade 0.01
proteolysis involved in cellular protein catabolic process 0.012
modification-dependent protein catabolic process 0.014
modification-dependent macromolecule catabolic process 0.014
phosphorylation 0.018
regulation of apoptosis 0.019
regulation of T cell receptor signaling pathway 0.021
ER overload response 0.021
regulation of programmed cell death 0.022
regulation of cytokine production 0.025
cellular macromolecule catabolic process 0.029
regulation of antigen receptor-mediated signaling pathway 0.03
centrosome organization 0.037
regulation of leukocyte activation 0.039
cellular response to stress 0.039
regulation of translation 0.039
toll-like receptor signaling pathway 0.04
negative regulation of immune system process 0.043
response to endoplasmic reticulum stress 0.043
positive regulation of skeletal muscle growth 0.046
microtubule organizing center organization 0.046
ER-nuclear signaling pathway 0.046
JNK cascade 0.047
anti-apoptosis 0.05
regulation of cell size 0.05