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Table 3 Characteristics of different kinds of traditional healers

From: The role of traditional health practitioners in Rural KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa: generic or mode specific?

Typology of traditional health practitioners
  ISangoma UMthandazi INyanga
Process to become THP . Called by Amadlozi. Trained by an expert through the guidance and instruction of Amadlozi . Invoked by the spirit of Isithunywa and Amadlozi . Individual choice to become an Inyanga
. Apprenticeship with an expert
Role . Divination Contact and communication with Amadlozi (those of healer and those of a patient) . Prayer Provides holy water and other mineral substances such as ash and salt to facilitate healing . Treatment, which includes herbs, plants and traditional rituals
. Traditional rituals
Ancillary roles
• Counselling
• Protecting
• Mediating