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Table 1 Fifteen MaSPs are investigated in this study

From: The effects of the court-type Thai traditional massage on anatomical relations, blood flow, and skin temperature of the neck, shoulder, and arm

Area MaSPs Massage-thumb Figure
Neck MaSP-SH-2 single-thumb 1A
MaSP-SH-3 single-thumb 1A
MaSP-SH-4 single-thumb 1A
Shoulder MaSP-SH-1 single-thumb 1B
MaSP-LA-1 single-thumb 1B
MaSP-SH-5 single-thumb 1C
Arm MaSP-MA-1 single-thumb 1C
MaSP-MA-2 double-thumb 1C
MaSP-MA-3 double-thumb 1C
MaSP-MA-4 double-thumb 1C
MaSP-MA-5 double-thumb 1C
MaSP-LA-2 single-thumb 1B
MaSP-LA-3 double-thumb 1B
MaSP-LA-4 double-thumb 1C
MaSP-LA-5 double-thumb 1B