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Fig. 1

From: Grape compounds suppress colon cancer stem cells in vitro and in a rodent model of colon carcinogenesis

Fig. 1

RSV – GSE suppressed tumor incidence in the colon similar to that of sulindac. a Mice injected with AOM consumed control, RSV-GSE or sulindac (positive control) supplemented diet for four weeks and were euthanized. Whole colon tissue was resected and observed under a dissection microscope for visible tumors. SU = Sulindac; RG = RSV-GSE. Values are in means ± S.E. (n = 8 in each group). Means that differ by a common letter (a, b) differ at p < 0.05. b Short-term feeding of sulindac resulted in stomach ulcers (hyperplasia of the stomach, black arrows) and loss of adipose tissue deposits (blue arrows) compared to control. RSV-GSE supplemented diet consuming animals showed neither hyperplasia nor loss of adipose tissue deposits

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