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Table 1 MFCs of aqueous extract of C. gynandra against the fungal isolates

From: Antifungal activity of Cleome gynandra L. aerial parts for topical treatment of Tinea capitis: an in vitro evaluation

Fungi Minimum fungicidal concentrations of aqueous extract of Cleome gynandra in mg/ml Controls
0.5 0.25 0.125 0.0625 0.0313 0.0156 0.00781 0.00391 -ve ctrl +ve ctrl
Mc Nfgo Nfgo Nfgo Nfgo Nfgo Fgo Fgo Fgo Fgo Nfgo
Tm Nfgo Nfgo Nfgo Nfgo Nfgo Nfgo Fgo Fgo Fgo Nfgo
Tr Nfgo Nfgo Nfgo Nfgo Fgo Fgo Fgo Fgo Fgo Nfgo
  1. Fgo denotes that filamentous growth was observed, while Nfgo denotes that no filamentous growth was observed. The results obtained during the course of 14 days revealed that the water extract of Cleome gynandra had MFCs of ≥ 0.0313 mg/ml for Microsporum canis, ≥0.0156 mg/ml for Trichophyton mentagrophytes and ≥ 0.0625 mg/ml for Trichophyton rubrum. There was filamentous growth in the negative control (- ve ctrl) with a score of +4, corresponding to 100%, and no filamentous growth in positive control (+ve ctrl), with a score of zero (0). Mc = Microsporum canis; Tm = Trichophyton mentagrophytes; and, Tr = Trichophyton rubrum