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Table 1 PCM-induced hepatotoxicity treatment groups of the extracts

From: Hepatoprotective action of various partitions of methanol extract of Bauhinia purpurea leaves against paracetamol-induced liver toxicity: involvement of the antioxidant mechanisms

Group Extracts Doses of extracts
I.   Normal control: 10 % DMSO, p.o
II.   Negative control: 10 % DMSO, p.o
Ill.   Positive control: 200 mg/kg silymarin, p.o
IV. PEBP 50 mg/kg PEBP, p.o
V.   250 mg/kg PEBP, p.o
VI.   500 mg/kg PEBP, p.o
VlI. EABP 50 mg/kg EABP, p.o
VllI.   250 mg/kg EABP, p.o
IX.   500 mg/kg EABP, p.o
X. AQBP 50 mg/kg AQBP, p.o
XI.   250 mg/kg AQBP, p.o
XlI.   500 mg/kg AQBP, p.o