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Fig. 4

From: All-trans retinoic acids induce differentiation and sensitize a radioresistant breast cancer cells to chemotherapy

Fig. 4

ATRA induces differentiation of MCF7/C6 cells. a Flow cytometric results for stem-cell surface markers in ATRA-treated MCF7/C6 cells. MCF7/C6 cells were treated with 1.0 μM of ATRA for 72 h, and were then analyzed by flow cytometry assay. b Westen blots showing that treatment with 1.0 μM ATRA for 72 h induces expressions of differentiation marker involucrin and Syndecan 3 proteins in MCF7/C6 cells. β-actin was included for equivalent protein loading. c The effect of ATRA on cell cycle progress in MCF7/C6 cells. Cells were treated with 1.0 μM ATRA, and then analyzed by flow cytometry. d Representative images showing ATRA treatment reduces the invasiveness of MCF7/C6 cells. Cells were pretreated with 1.0 μM of ATRA for 72 h, and invasion assay was performed as described in Materials

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