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Fig. 2

From: Clarification of the molecular pathway of Taiwan local pomegranate fruit juice underlying the inhibition of urinary bladder urothelial carcinoma cell by proteomics strategy

Fig. 2

Lavapruple stained 2-DE polyacrylamide gel maps of untreated and PEE-treated T24 cells. The gel pair shown was the representative of 9 pairs of (a) 0.5 % (v/v) DMSO-incubated T24 cells and (b) PEE-incubated T24 cells. Protein lysates were prepared from 50 μg/mL PEE-treated human T24 cells for 36 h as mentioned in the supplementary data. 100 μg proteins were loaded on linear pH 4–7 gradient strip followed by vertical separation on 12.5 % (w/v) SDS polyacrylamide gels as described in section 2. The numbers indicated on the top of the gel indicated the pH range and those on the left shown the approximate molecular mass (kDa) determined by Bio-Rad protein markers. The differentially expressed spots were demonstrated by arrows. 19 spots were found to be up-regulated (spots 1–19) in PEE-affected cell and 1 spot was under-expressed (spot A). c IPA Results

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