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Table 1 Medicinal plants used in this study

From: Antioxidant activity and peroxidase inhibition of Amazonian plants extracts traditionally used as anti-inflammatory

Plant species Common name Part used Traditional use
B. japurensis Saratudo Stem bark Indicated against various inflammatory disorders, especially in the uterus and prostate
C. spruceanum Mulateiro Stem bark For age spots, cuts, diabetes, eye infections, ovarian problems, scars, scrapes, skin fungi, skin parasites, skin problems, wrinkles, and wounds, and as an antioxidant and cosmetic
M. guyanensis Chichuá Stem bark Used as a stimulant, tonic and muscle relaxant, to relieve arthritis, rheumatism, hemorrhoids, swollen kidney, skin rashes, skin cancer prevention.
P. nitida Maracujá-do-mato Leaves Treatment of gastrointestinal disorders
P. olacoides Muirapuama Leaves Used as tonic neuromuscular, neurasthenia, impotence, menstrual disorders, dysentery. It also has stimulant properties of the central nervous system.