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Table 1 Standard dosages as described on the packages were used for 7 days

From: Effects of naturopathic medicines on Multiplate and ROTEM: a prospective experimental pilot study in healthy volunteers

Naturopathic medicine Grams of active substance/day
Echinacea 49.6 mg dried root and herb
Fish oil 1260 mg Ω-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids
Ginkgo biloba 200 mg extract (represents 3–4 g dried ginkgo leaf)
Ginseng 200 mg extract (represents 210 mg dried ginseng root)
St John’s wort 120–219 mg extract (represents 0,39–0,87 g dried herb)
Valeriana 400 mg extract (approximately 2,4 g dried root)
Garlic 1260 mg garlic oil macerate (represents 3 mg allicin)