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Table 3 Participants understanding of the study

From: A survey of study participants’ understanding of informed consent to participate in a randomised controlled trial of acupuncture

n = 199 Mean SD
The fact that participation is voluntary 4.6 1.0
That your treatment involved research 4.5 1.0
What the researchers were trying to find out 4.3 1.0
Treatments and procedures you would undergo 4.3 1.0
How your participation may benefit future patients 4.3 1.0
Possible benefits from participating in the trial 4.2 1.1
Overall how well you understood the study when you signed the consent form 4.2 1.0
Who to contact if you have questions 4.3 1.1
Possible trial risks and discomforts 3.8 1.2
How long you would be in the trial 3.8 1.1
Which treatments were experimental 3.7 1.2
Alternatives to participation in the trial 3.6 1.4
Who will pay for treatment if you become ill/injured 3.0 1.5