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Table 1 Description of the eight LEAP project modules

From: Evaluation of a spirituality informed e-mental health tool as an intervention for major depressive disorder in adolescents and young adults – a randomized controlled pilot trial

Module 1: Self-Acceptance (Breaking Through: Uncovering the REAL You). Offers new ways to deal with negative thoughts and provides tools to help participants see themselves as they are.
Module 2: Appreciation of Beauty and Creativity (Enjoying Again: Reconnecting with Life). Explores ways to ease the feelings associated with depression, such as isolation and loneliness.
Module 3: Mystery of Life (Coming Alive: Discovering Your Purpose). Moves participants away from feelings of emptiness and boredom by showing them ways to connect with their passions.
Module 4: Gratitude (Shifting Gears: Finding the Positive Spin). Shows participants how to stop the downward spiral of “ruminating though patterns” by focusing on the positives.
Module 5: Compassion and Giving (Reaching Out: Making a Difference). Teaches participants how to handle the amplified feelings of helplessness and powerlessness that overwhelm them when they are depressed.
Module 6: Acceptance (Moving On: Responding to Setbacks). Provides participant with tools to deal with the inevitable challenges that life presents, despite the best planning.
Module 7: Forgiveness (Breaking Free: Dealing with Past Hurts). Presents ways to help participants let go of hurt, bitterness, and guilt when either they or someone else has done something they feel is unforgivable.
Module 8: Celebration (Celebrating Possibilities: Moving Forward). Encourages participants to plan events to celebrate their progress and enjoy the life ahead of them.