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Table 2 The MIC of thymol and nystatin, when used in association, and their combined FIC index values

From: Antifungal activity and mode of action of thymol and its synergism with nystatin against Candida species involved with infections in the oral cavity: an in vitro study

Strain MIC of thymol MIC of nystatin FIC Interpretation
(μg/mL) (μg/mL)
Candida albicans 4.88 0.24 0.25 Synergism
CBS 562
Candida tropicalis 9.76 0.24 0.25 Synergism
CBS 94
Candida krusei 4.88 0.24 0.25 Synergism
CBS 573
  1. Note: MIC Minimum inhibitory concentration, FIC Fractional inhibitory concentration index