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Table 4 Identification of the major components of S. crispus SF3 by LC-MS positive and negative modes

From: Evaluation of chemopreventive potential of Strobilanthes crispus against colon cancer formation in vitro and in vivo

Peak No. RT Suggested formula Mass m/z Identified component
5 31.14 C30 H48 O3 456.36 455.35 Urosolic acid
8 16.35 C11 H16 O3 196.11 197.12 Ferulic acid
9 17.46 C22H18O11 452.34 453.34 Epigallocatechin gallate
11 19.49 C13 H20 O2 678.50 340.26 Icariin
13 21.27 C11 H16 O2 181.13 181.12 Caffeic acid
  1. RT Retention time, m/z mass number (m)/charge number (z) of ions