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Table 6 The changes in the expression of different genes in chicken hepatocytes pretreated with phenolic-enriched fraction (PEF) and exposed to AFB1

From: Cytoprotective effect of palm kernel cake phenolics against aflatoxin B1-induced cell damage and its underlying mechanism of action

  Gene expression (Fold changes)
Items   PEF concentration (μg/ml) Control+ S.E.M
0 5 10 20 40
Up-regulated genes
Bcl2 1.0d +2.1cd +3.2c +4.3b +5.9a +5.6a 0.39
Down-regulated genes
NF-kB 1.0d −1.5d −2.6c −3.6b −4.4a −4.6a 0.36
TNF-α 1.0d −1.2cd −2.1c −3.7b −5.1a −4.9a 0.41
IL1ß 1.0d −1.1d −1.6c −2.2b −2.9a −3.2a 0.18
IL6 1.0d −1.3cd −1.7c −2.4b −3.5a −3.4a 0.21
iNOS 1.0d −1.7cd −2.4bc −3.3b −4.8a −4.4a 0.43
Bax 1.0d −1.8cd −2.7c −4.2b −5.7a −5.2a 0.47
  1. The cells were pre-treated for 24 h with different concentrations of PEF ranging from 0 to 40 μg/ml and positive control (10 μM or 1.7 μg/ml gallic acid). The media were replaced with a medium containing 5 μM of AFB1 and the cells were incubated for another 48 h
  2. The expression of each gene was normalised to the GAPDH and ß-actin expressions as housekeeping genes and then the result normalised to the expression of that gene in the negative control (PEF 0 μg/ml)
  3. S.E.M Standard error of the means
  4. Means (n = 3) with different superscripts (a,b,c,d) within a row are significantly different (p < 0.05)