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Table 4 The IC50 values indicating antioxidant activity of phenolic-enriched fraction (PEF) and positive control (gallic acid)

From: Cytoprotective effect of palm kernel cake phenolics against aflatoxin B1-induced cell damage and its underlying mechanism of action

  IC50 (μg/ml)
DPPH scavenging activity Reducing power activity ß-carotene bleaching inhibition TBARS inhibition
PEF 24.6a 31.2a 37.1a 42.9a
Gallic acid 4.6b 7.4b 11.6b 14.5b
S.E.M 0.82 0.79 1.27 1.12
  1. All data are presented as means (± SEM) of at least three replicates (n = 3)
  2. Means (n = 3) with different superscripts (a,b) within a column are significantly different (p < 0.05)
  3. S.E.M Standard error of the means