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Table 5 Minimal Inhibitory Concentration (MIC) of active extracts on yeasts

From: Antimicrobial potential of 27 plants consumed by chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes verus Blumenbach) in Ivory Coast

  MIC (μg/ml)
Plant species Plant part used Extracts C. albicans (1) C. tropicalis C. glabrata
Manniophyton fulvum Leaves MeOH 1500 nd nd
Tristemma coronatum Leaves EtOAc 750 nd 375
MeOH >1500 375 375
Ancistrophyllum secundiflorum Marrow MeOH nd nd >1500
Dacryodes klaineana Fruits EtOAc 188 nd nd
Klainedoxa gabonensis Pericarp EtOAc 750 188 750
Amphotericin B    >25 >25 >25
Nystatine    25 >25 >25
  1. EtOAc ethyl acetate, MeOH methanol, C Candida, nd non determined