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Table 2 Phytochemical screening of the red propolis extract

From: Brazilian red propolis: phytochemical screening, antioxidant activity and effect against cancer cells

Allelochemical EEP Chloroform fraction Ethyl acetate fraction Hexane fraction
Phenols Na N N N
Pyrogallic tannins N N N N
Phlobaphene tannins Pa P P P
Anthocyanin and anthocyanidin N N N N
Flavones, flavonols and xanthones P P N P
Chalcones and aurones P P P N
Flavononols N N N N
Leucoanthocyanidins N N N N
Catechins P P P N
Flavonones N N N N
Steroids N N N N
Triterpenoids P P P P
Saponins N N N N
  1. Phytochemical screening detected presence of phlobaphene tannins, flavones, flavonols, xanthones and pentacyclic triterpenoids in EEP and its chloroform, hexane and ethyl acetate fractions
  2. aP positive, N negative